Our Mission

To teach sun protection strategies to the golf community and to provide them with opportunities for the early detection of skin cancer. Our goal is to help adult and junior golfers enjoy a lifetime of healthy golf free of skin cancer and other sun related problems.

What We Do

The Sun SafeTee Program is the leader in providing sun protection education and skin cancer awareness programs specifically for the golf community. We give educational seminars, distribute sunscreen samples and published literature, provide informational hand-outs for tournament attendees. Working with our partner associations we provide skin cancer screenings to their membership.

If you would like to host a Sun SafeTee event or to learn how you can help promote sun protection education in your area, please contact us.

Why We Do It

The Sun SafeTee Program was formed as a result of the increasing rate of skin cancer among the general public. This year over 3,500,000 skin cancers will be diagnosed in the United States. Each year more skin cancers are diagnosed than Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer and Prostate Cancer combined! Approximately 12,000 people will die from melanoma, the deadly form of skin cancer.

Due to the extended amount of time that golfers spend in the sun, they can have a higher risk of developing skin cancer and sun damage (premature aging of the skin). However, even though skin cancer is the most prolific form of cancer, it is also the most preventable....Education is the key! That is where we come in.

How Sun SafeTee Began

The Sun SafeTee Program was started by Mark Wishner, an avid golfer, who himself had skin cancer. He noticed that there was a lack of resources available to golfers about how to protect themselves in the sun in a golf friendly way. Along with several Dermatologists including Dr. Curt Littler (son of PGA Tour Player and U.S. Open Champion Gene Littler) Sun SafeTee was created. Since that time, Sun Safetee has established itself as the leader in sun protection education for golfers by creating a network of Dermatologists and volunteers that dedicate their time to educating the golf community, especially junior and collegiate golfers, on the importance of protecting themselves from the sun’s UV rays.

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