Eco-Events That Thrive On The Sun

We call them eco-events because they do not produce carbon emissions into the atmosphere and contribute to improving the planet. Here we have some of the latest innovations that are already being talked about all over the world:

Portable Solar Cooking:  The first of the eco-events we are going to talk about is this practical, compact kitchen. It can be carried hanging like a handbag and in just three steps become a ready-to-use Solar Cooker. Made with lightweight and flexible materials, allows you to take it anywhere and cook plenty of food in the sun. Its polyhedral shape optimizes the capacity of reflection and concentration of solar rays that would enable it to reach temperatures above 115ºC. Also, the materials with which it is made are of low heat conduction, reducing the risk of burns to users and avoiding the possibility of fire both in the kitchen and in the place used.

Wireless Solar Keyboard: This keyboard will be perfect if your desk is next to the window. With an elegant and light design, it can be charged with both sunlight and lamp. If it is fully loaded, it can last up to three months even in total darkness. It has an application that will keep you up to date with the battery level that you have at all times.

Portable Solar Computer: Become a digital nomad with this portable cosmic computer. You will not need to have an outlet anymore. It has been developed to improve education in developing countries, but it is also beneficial if you are a digital nomad. Surprisingly affordable, this laptop only takes two hours to charge to offer between eight and ten hours of use, as well as being water resistant. Echo

 Solar Energy Generators: They are an excellent replacement for traditional models powered by fuel. They do not expel harmful gases and are practically silent, which makes them perfect for indoor use. They can power the same devices as any other generator since they can provide similar power outputs. They are also capable of directly feeding DC devices, which makes them perfect for camping. It captures the sun’s energy through solar panels or cells and stores it in batteries.

Solar Water Distiller:  This water filter is a solar still that boils the water and separates it from other elements, turning it into clean, pure water. It is made of terracotta, anodized zinc and recycled plastic works without filters or electricity, and requires minimal maintenance, being able to purify up to 5 liters of water per day. It is designed to provide drinking water to families in developing countries.

Patio Table With Solar Energy: the last of the eco-events of today is this little table that we loved. It has an open solar cell that allows you to use electric devices without annoying the series. The top of the table contains a solar panel that absorbs the sun’s energy and stores it in a rechargeable battery hidden under the table. A sliding cover protects the outputs of the elements. A colored LED indicates the power level. The table frame is made with a white finish with weather resistant powder coating.