“Thank you for your Sun Safe Tee seminar for the Northern Chapter P.G.A. As a result of your program I noticed that day that I had a odd shaped bump on my left arm.I made an appointment with a local Dermatologist and found out it was Basal Cell Carcinoma.I am not one that goes to a Doctor regularly but because of your seminar I did and I now go for a yearly full body scan.”


“I wanted to inform you both of an excellent education seminar that the Northern Chapter just experienced this week at one of our Tournaments. It was a one hour presentation on the effects of the sun and how to take precautions against overexposure, catered toward the golf professional and all golfers in general.

The seminar was presented by Mark Wishner of “Sun SafeTee” and I can tell you it was one of the most informative and professionally conducted presentations I’ve seen. Not only was it relevant to our profession, but it was done in a way that really captured the audience’s attention.

I would highly recommend that you inform any professionals in our Section or at the Chapter level about this topic. I’ve included Mark Wishner’s e-mail address in case there are any interested professionals looking to have him present this seminar..”


“Thank you for your participation in the Junior Golf Tournament in Corona. It was great to have you out there. As a parent of a Junior Golfer, your message is important and one that we try to teach our son. Having the Sun SafeTee Program reinforce that message is wonderful.”


“…one of the pointers that I learned from your information card is that umbrellas are not just for rain. After reading that, I went to my car and got the umbrella that is always there and used it not for rain, but to protect me from the sun while I watched my son play in his tournament. THANKS for a great idea.”

San Clemente

“Last month I attended one of your Sun SafeTee Program Seminars. I thought that the information was very worthwhile and informative. I know that others in our group felt the same.

As a result of your seminar and the information that you presented, I scheduled an appointment with a Dermatologist. During that visit he identified two different areas of concern. Biopsies were performed and it was determined that I had Basal Cell Carcinoma. The lesions were cut out and it appears that all the cancer is gone.

I have to admit that in the past I have not been the most diligent person in protecting myself in the sun. And certainly I did not even discuss this topic with my students. Now as a result of your talk and my experience, I wear a hat, use sunscreen regularly and even discuss sun protection with my students.

Thank you so much for the work that you and your group do. I hope you will come back and speak to us again.”

San Diego

“It was nice to meet you at the golf tournament in Beaumont. My husband and I commented that a lot of people say they know how important it is to use sunscreen and a hat, but how few actually do it. Having you and your organization out there teaching everyone (especially the kids) is great.”


“…I love your slogan, Don’t Burn…Reapply at the turn. Even though I used sunscreen on a regular basis, I never thought about reapplying it. Now when we finish the 9th hole, I get my sunscreen out and reapply.”

La Jolla

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